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Plant Source, Inc. is a wholesale grower, distributor, and service company based in San Marcos, CA. We specialize in Landscape and Indoor Palms, Potted Foliage, and Indoor Blooming plants. For over 25 years Plant Source has been dedicated to delivering outstanding quality products, enormous availability, and the development of in-store service programs to meet our customer’s needs.

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WideShot Sunny.jpg


Plant Source, Inc. is dedicated to producing and providing the best-grown palms and potted plants. We are proud to be one of the largest producers of landscape palms and foliage in California..

Our Specialties

We have 75 acres of production in San Marcos and 10 Acres in Nipomo California. We fulfill large and small orders for every day, holidays, promotions, and special orders. Our strategic relationships with the top producers and specialty growers in California and Florida enable us to offer a full complement of products from one Source. We service California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Oregon, and Washington. Our operations are based in San Marcos and Salinas California.

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